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Free Agents Only❞ : are you looking for A "FAIR" teams matching from the beginning till the Final match???
Here is A Free Agents Only tournament To amplify the opportunity for those players who are playing alone to reach the First place and to have the most consistent experience!

You Must >> Register Here << in Order to get Your Prizes.

>>>[NEW Fair Brackets]<<< EVERYONE, will have a fair chance to Win & Enjoy!
Fair brackets supported to provide a fair and consistent experience for all players participating in my tournaments! And All LGC eSports tournament officials have the same goal!

Are you late for registration? Don't worry!
Join our Waitlist:
Click on the button below > write your [Summoner name] properly in addition to - Your current division.
You Must Register Here in Order to get Your Prizes

1. Participants must register on Lol Community Events in order to be eligible for prizes. and don't forget to join the tournament on
2. Lol Community Events: Register Here.
3. Each team has 10 minutes to show-up and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.
4. [Free Agents] If anyone left the [Champion Select] for any inappropriate reason replace / kick him immediately and start the same lobby again [Random is random].
5. Agents FAQ: invite the missing players from your team roster, if they didn't accept in 5 minutes, invite anyone in the same division width. For ex; Gold V > Gold I max.
6. [Premades] If anyone left the [Champion Select] for any reason And You've got a screenshot of the draft or you all remember the champions you've got, in this case Create a custom game [Aram All random; Blind pick] And take a screenshot of the victory screen & upload and send it to me .
7. Each player can't join more than 1 team.
8. Players must have at least sixteen (16) champions available for the draft gameplay.
9. Everyone must use his own account.
10. The top 4 teams who will be qualified to play the finals if a team surrendered or did not attend, this team will not be eligible for prizes.
11. Unsporting behavior, Racism, sexual harassment, trolling, verbal abuse, negative attitude, raging, leaving or AFK ,spamming , smurfing and disrespecting staff will not be tolerated.
Rule Z. You must respect All of the Administration team & All of the following Critical Rules, Normal Rules, Notes and Important Notes! Otherwise you will get a warning—side selection loss—ban loss—game loss—match loss—disqualification—Restriction. [upon the adjudicator’s discretion]

Rule AA01. The registered premades & Agents are not allowed to play two tournaments at the same time.
Once they are observed they will get disqualified / dropped immediately.

Rule AA02. For the Top premade Team that will reach the Final match, The team and its members will have to skip 9 Tournaments To amplify the opportunity for other Teams and Players to reach the Final match from The Fair bracket's premades side! [This rule ensures a fair and consistent experience & chance for all players during the tournaments following the official "Guidelines"]
Notes related to this Rule 'AA02'.
-Note1. *The Premade-Teams and the Members who are under the influence of this Rule, will be ON Hold for the next 9 tournaments numbers , E.G. if you reached the Final match at Tournament #300, You will be Allowed to Participate again as A Prem-Team at #310, And If you joined as Prem-Team before the passage of hold duration, you will get Dropped / Disqualified even If you played and won a place.*
-Note2. *Who are under the influence of this rule Are Allowed to join as Free Agents!*


2000 RP up to 3200 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 4-Win XP Boost


1600 RP up to 2400 RP, 4-Win XP Boost


1200 RP up to 1600 RP, 4-Win XP Boost


800 RP up to 800 RP, 4-Win XP Boost


4-Win XP Boost
Daily League of Legends Online tournaments organized by HecaRampage - LGC eSports.
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In progress daily:

[ARAM All Random] 3:00 PM
[ARAM All Random] 5:00 PM
❝Free Agents Only❞ [ARAM All Random] 06:30 PM
Creative modes ❝Various classifications For All❞ 8:00 PM
❝Free Agents Only❞ [ARAM All Random] 10:00 PM
Notice: The tournaments start time will be pushed 15 minutes occasionally.
Timezone [EET/UTC+2]

Round 1

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4S Tournament

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